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this is our last ep ever. thank you for your support!


released April 8, 2016

Dust Covered Carpet are
Magdalena Adamski (Cello, Vocals)
Veronika Adamski (Violin, Vocals)
Armin Buchgraber (Drums, Vocals)
Volker Buchgraber (Guitars, Electronics, Synths, Vocals)
Dominik Hartl (Bass)

All songs written and arranged by Volker Buchgraber in 2015.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Alexandr Vatagin at Audiomanufaktur Vienna in 2016.
Additional recordings at the Adamski headquarters 2016.
Produced by Dust Covered Carpet and Alexandr Vatagin.

Artwork by Volker Buchgraber
Photo Credits: Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors

Guest Musicians:
Florian Buchgraber (Backing vocals)
Alexandr Vatagin (Bells)


Leave, black out under my skin
fade, go away
i will keep you in good memory
i hope that i will
we shared a single blanket
for almost a decade
and never shared a sober mindset
lets quit it now for good
My shattered vision through your heavy eyelids
so devoted to steady sigh
a constant weight is on me
clings onto my dying desire
we have always tried
My doubts grew loud
inevitable features
dark sectrets i wont hide
and love is work and i can’t keep it
because trade-offs close me out
to weigh, to rate, to compare and to surrender
to stay in someone else’s dream
for long, for too long to stay loyal
stay loyal to yourself
I know you wanna argue
like you used to
but i stay silent and turn away
you ask to reconsider
we have been there
but my choice is beyond recall
our past might shine much brighter if we end right here
i’ll give a toast to the ending night
you’ll always be my favorite
if after this drink
i go on and you just disappear.

It’s been raining all your life
since my kiss opened your sweet eyes
you’ve been cradled and ignored
fed on ink and kept in blur
but you held a tightening leash
and i bowed as you invaded
you took over most of me
you designed what we should be
I still love you you’re my child
though we see you’re drifting out of sight
you should drown in gentle sea
there is noone who loves you as i do
With a wish i let you go
fo find carelessness on your own
to be scared less when it’s dawn
but to be gone forever gone
if i ever dare to go
to the place you know that i know
i still wish my heart could glow
if i ever dare to go
Now the waves close above you
endless blue to endless darkness
disappear in gentle sea
noone ever could love you as i do.

And finally find me where i feel real.



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